Fuel briquettes RUF

  • Open Joint-Stock Company "Proletarskaya Svoboda" produces and sells fuel briquettes "RUF" in Yaroslavl for many years.
  • Fuel briquettes (wood bricks) are popular and economical fuel in many countries for many years.
  • Wood bricks is a modern, easy-to-use, organic and cost-efficient briquette fuel, which is a brick made of sawdust and wood chips compressed under the pressure.

Fuel briquettes

Fuel briquettes can be made of agricultural wastes: husk of sunflower seeds, buckwheat, rice, flax and oats.

БBriquetting is carried out during the pressing process of the feedstocks under high pressure, without the use of adhesives. Influenced by the high pressure feedstocks give a cellular element called lignin, which allows you to keep the sawdust or husk in a firm state.



of the fuel briquettes "RUF" of the Open Joint-Stock Company "Proletarskaya Svoboda" manufactured
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of the fuel briquettes "RUF"
Purchase amount
Prepacked by 9 items
Bulk woodbricks
Wholesale. Pricing is set for 1 ton in rubles including VAT (1 m ≈ 1 m³)
1 - 10 м³ -  
10 - 20 м³ -  
20 м³ and more -  
Retail. Price per package of 9 items in rubles including VAT (1 kg ≈ 1 dm³)
at under 9 kg ~60  
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